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Full Length Feature Film

Coming of Age/Social Justice/Thriller

Status:  Script Completed; in development

Original Screenplay by Sherry J. Williams

In Neighbor, India, a fifteen-year old African American girl, is beginning to venture out from her protective mother and daring to dream of becoming a traveling nurse and seeing the world.  But, there are others who are hunting her innocence for their own pleasure and to make a big score that can provide  a way out of the game. It is a cat and mouse game, where the innocents of the community are being watched by neighbors who love them and neighbors who intend to do them harm.

Colors of a Painting

TV Series


Status:  8 of 8 first season episode written; in development

Created by Sherry J. Williams and Godwin Onohwosa

Episodes written by Sherry J. Williams

Based on Play, Colors of a Painting, written by Sherry J. Williams

Proof of Concept directed by Godwin Onohwosa

Colors of a Painting portrays the stories of three millennial couples struggling with past loves and past lives long kept secret that arise like ghosts to haunt and intertwine their lives. These couples thought they were secure in their present lives, thought that life was taking them down a set path.  But the unresolved emotions from Tashun and David’s past relationship unexpectedly explodes into their lives, and reveals the fissures in the relationships that had always been there, simmering just below the surface.

Trick Box



Status:  Short Film Completed; Full Length Feature Film in development –Script completed

Original Screenplay by Sherry J. Williams

Directed by Godwin Onohwosa

Festival Selections: Silver Award–Spotlight Film Festival;

Official Selections – BronzeLens Film Festival; LA Black Film Festival, Flick Fair Film Festival, Distribution Offer–AMC Shorts TV, 2020

Trick Box is a tender yet gritty and intimate glimpse into generational Black masculinity that centers on three male heads of households, 16-year-old Trey, 35-year-old Junior and 65-year-old ‘Mister’ facing challenges that will determine the fate of Trey and his two little brothers, alone as their mother tries to recover from addiction.

The Exorcism of Jimmy Lee



Status: Completed, 7.30.2021

Written by Sherry Williams

Directed by Godwin Onohwosa

Festival Selections:  Honorable Mention, London Seasonal Short Film Festival, 2021

The Exorcism of Jimmy Lee follows a group of social activist who kidnap a white supremist in order to exorcise him of his demons.




Status: Completed, 6.8.2023

Written by Sherry Williams

Directed by Godwin Onohwosa

A woman is awakened from her sleep in the middle of the night by the security alarm.  A confrontation ensues between the woman and a couple who enters the home, each accusing the other of being an intruder.

Ese's Song



Status:  Script Completed

Written by Sherry J. Williams

Ese’s Song follows a Nigerian nurse working in an elder care facility in the US.  Ese’s compassion for the elderly is rooted in the traditions of respect from her native village.  At the elder care facility, Ese supports a wealthy, but emotionally fragile woman in her last days who has been abandoned by her selfish son, harassing his mother to get her to sign away her wealth to him.

This Land is My Land


Drama/Thriller/Social Justice

Status: Scripts In Progress

Written by Sherry J. Williams

This Land is My Land is an epic African American story spanning 1820-1965. The story of the Bulloch family is told by young Willie Bulloch,  grandson of Emogene Bulloch Wesley, mistress of the Bulloch plantation, who is continuing their 100-year-old farming legacy in Lunar County, Georgia during the volatile 1960s. Accused of murdering a white field hand in retaliation for the murder of her black field hand, Emogene draws upon the power that her family has built to fend off the coming attack. Tensions are high in this small town, as young civil rights activists have come to town conducting voter registration drives. A leader in the community, the Bulloch family must determine their role in this civil rights movement, in light of their commitment to protecting their land.

The Poet Soldier



Status: Treatment being completed

Written by Godwin Onohwosa

A Nigerian military officer is charged with an attempted coup d’état and ‘summarily executed’.  A generation after, some of the children of the officers involved are trying to find out reasons behind several murders. What they encounter is a power tussle, laden with ambition, envy, international intrigue and ultimately the control of a nations mineral resources.

The Strong Breed



Status: Completed, 11.9.2019

Written by Wole Soyinka

Directed by Godwin Onohwosa

The Strong Breed is one of the best known plays by Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka. It is a tragedy that explores individual sacrifice for the sake of the communal benefit. The play is centered on the tradition of egungun, a Yoruba festival tradition in which a scapegoat of the village carries out the evil of the community and is exiled from the civilization.

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