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Telling Stories
of the African Diaspora

We love telling stories


Akpovo’, an Urhobo word, means One World.

We love telling stories, stories of humankind from an African essence - stories, on screen, on stage, in spoken word.

At SquareGlobe, we embrace the African philosophy of the union of opposites, of both/and, instead of either/or.

Through the SquareGlobe lens, we share stories of the human diaspora; Collective universal stories based on the essence of people of African descent. The themes are unapologetically candid and uncompromising because they embody our power, our value and provide us moral compass.


Creative Content

We create our own content so that we may develop full bodied film, theatrical or spoken word productions. We write stories that reshape perspectives and reframe history to one that reflects our true selves— our families, our triumphs, our hurts, our successes—through a lens that challenges us to rediscover us.

Film Production

The African diaspora is in every part of the world. And we seek to capture our stories from every corner. Through television series that allows us entry into family dynamics, to documentaries that open the door to her stories long since buried, to sci-fi films that capture threads of African spirituality, we provide space for truth to change minds and free souls.

Theatre Production

To sit in the darkness with a small group of people in an intimate setting in such close proximity to the actors is the immersive experience that theatre brings. We will search to bring back plays that, with time, have lost their voice and their space, and new plays that tell the stories of this new generation—all with the focus of showing the connections and the themes that have remained in place over 100s of years.

Spoken Word

Spoken word allows us to dig dig deep within the soul of an artist and let the essence flow from one human to another. Through stage performances and podcasts, we seek to give unique and creative voices the opportunity to be heard.
Our Portfolio

Some of our favourite projects